Glass Tile / by Peter DiStefano

We often get requests for glass tile installation because our clients love the clean, sophisticated look.  With a wide variety of patterns and colors from which you can choose, it is a guarantee that you will find a glass tile product that suits your design aesthetic. 

A recent outdoor shower remodel in Matunuck created a conundrum for two amazing DBCRI clients.  The clients wanted a unique and colorful design, but were struggling to find materials that would fit the design aesthetic and could withstand almost constant moisture in the air from the Atlantic.  Additionally, this home is blessed with direct sunlight and views to the ocean.  This added complexity to the job because whatever material chosen needed to be able to endure intense UV rays, moisture, frost, and wind. 

The best choice for this project was to use glass tile.  Because of the endless style, color, size, and pattern options, along with the unsurpassed durability of the product, glass tile was the perfect fit.  The end result was a beautiful and functional outdoor shower that will withstand the elements and this busy family for years to come.

Homes in southern Rhode Island have to deal with many elements.  Thankfully, glass tiles are amazingly durable. With proper care and maintenance, they are a good choice for most homes, including ones with high traffic areas that are susceptible to wear and tear.  When installed properly, glass tiles are easy to clean and non-permeable, making them resistant to many elements.  Because of this versatility, glass tiles can be installed in kitchens, bathrooms or even outside in spa and pool areas.  Glass tiles can work as an accent to a design aesthetic or as a focal point. 

Additionally, environmentally conscious homeowners have the option of using recycled glass tile, a great way to continue your commitment to being green.  HGTV has a great video on the benefits of using recycled glass tile, including an interesting explanation of how glass tiles are made.

At DBCRI, we love using glass tile.  It’s simple elegance and variety makes glass tile a great choice for many homes.  Because there is some variability in color and special considerations for installation, be thoughtful when including glass tile in your construction design. 

For some ideas on how to use glass tile, check out Houzz.  Houzz never fails to impress! 


Peter J. DiStefano



Community Spotlight:

Two of our favorite tile shops specialize in glass tile: Best Tile in Warwick and Hill and Harbour in East Greenwich.  Both stores offer unsurpassed customer service by industry experts and access to an extensive selection of products.  We are lucky to do business with both Best Tile and Hill and Harbour.