Main St., USA / by Peter DiStefano

Many of you know that DBCRI just moved into a new office space on Main St. in Wakefield RI.  What you might not know is that our new Main St. location was carefully chosen to house our new office and collaboration with Fresh Nest Color and Design for specific reasons.

Our main priority is to keep DBCRI local.  We have spent most of our lives here and we are dedicated to keeping Southern RI the fantastic place that it is. Because of this, keeping DBCRI in Wakefield was a priority when scouting for new space- how much more Wakefield can you get than Main St.?  We are surrounded by amazing businesses, vibrant arts, and great ice cream (thank you Brickleys!). 

When searching for our new location, it was also a priority to find space that would let us serve our clients in the best way possible.  Our location is perfect in this way for several reasons.  We were able to redesign the space to suite our needs and the aesthetic of our partner, Janelle Photopolous (the creativity behind our operation!).  Janelle’s vision, which included reconfiguring the footprint of the interior, choosing inspiring paint colors and a dramatic lighting scheme, allows the several people to work in our intimate space at once but not feel like one is imposing on others.  Both businesses operate out of this office and the design of the space truly allows both staffs to expertly take care of our clients’ needs by encouraging us to create processes for efficiency.  Additionally, our intimate but functional space is a great way to show our clients how to maximize the space you have in a modern and classic way.  

Because we work with physical space, creating an environment that soothes, inspires, and elicits joy was a priority for our new office.  The quaint white building has tons of charm, from the stunning mansard roof to the floor to ceiling windows on the front of the building to the beautiful wildflowers growing in front.  Before we even made any adjustments to the building, we knew that this location was perfect. 

Make sure you stop by sometime to take a look at our new space, especially the walls of reclaimed wood, inspired by Anthropologie


Peter J. DiStefano


Community Tip:  Check out the latest Fresh Nest/DBCRI collaboration at Mama Bird on Main St.  Designed for inspiration and fun, Mama Bird is an innovative new store and kids’ yoga studio that also offers tons of great products aimed to help you raise happy, healthy, and zen kids.  The DBCRI Facebook page has a few pictures of our work at Mama Bird.