A Note For You On Thanksgiving / by Peter DiStefano

To all members of our DBCRI family:

I know it is being said often.  I know it is being said everywhere.  But I believe it can’t be said enough.

Thank you.

Thank you for being kind and welcoming to our staff.   Construction can feel like chaos, no matter how much the DBCRI team tries to minimize this effect.  We appreciate your graciousness, even though we understand that the process might be uncomfortable for you in the moment.

Thank you for the recent birthday wishes for one of our important staff members.  Brad is not on Facebook, so we passed along your wishes to him.  Brad wanted us to let you know how special it is that you all took the time to send him some sweet birthday thoughts.

Thank you for letting us be creative while we work with you to conceptualize your dreams.  This is the fun stuff for us. We love working with clients that let us dream with them.  Your trust in us is imperative and evident. 

Thank you for hiring us to work on and in your homes.  We view each and every project as an honor, as we know that your physical space is so much more than just that; it is the place where you build memories, traditions, and families. 

Thank you for hiring us to work on and in your homes.  Yes, I know I’ve already used this one but it bears repeating, because each time you hire DBCRI you are supporting our business.  Your support means that we can employ more people, use more local resources, and give back to the Southern Rhode Island community in a variety of ways.

Thank you for referring us to your friends.  It is your word and your word alone that is our best marketing tool.  Our business thrives because of your referrals to friends and family.  I can’t thank you enough.

In this season of giving thanks, it truly is you that I am thankful for.  From the DBCRI family to yours, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


All the best,

Peter J. DiStefano

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