White Carrara Marble Tile- Herringbone Pattern by Peter DiStefano

White Carrara Marble Tile: Elegance and Sophistication

Jamestown RI is a community that embodies the true spirit of the good life: great restaurants, beautiful views to the coastline from every spot on the island, and a strong community full of caring and supportive people.  The team at DBCRI loves working with people in Jamestown because of their kindness and penchant for creativity.         

I have noticed a trend in our Jamestown clients: they LOVE materials that reflect the natural beauty of the area, such as white carrara marble tile in a herringbone pattern

The aesthetic of white carrara marble tile is the total package.  This type of tile in the herringbone pattern is true understated sophistication.  White carrara marble tile does have varying colors and markings, but you can depend on the result to be consistently beautiful and awe-inspiring.  Using this tile in your bathroom will make everyday feel like a visit to your favorite spa.  Additionally, white carrara marble tile is a great complement to the ocean views in Jamestown.  It’s gentle beauty will remind you of the rocks at Beavertail or the sand at Mackerel Cove.

Because white carrara marble tile is a natural product, I always recommend that you follow manufacturer guidelines for installation (if you are DIY-ing) and cleaning/maintenance.  Proper upkeep is key in ensuring that your white carrara marble tile last through the phases of your family.

Marble tile can be a finicky product:  check out this article on Houzz for a few questions to ask yourself before incorporating this delicate material into your design aesthetic.

Not interested in the herringbone pattern but love the look of white marble carrara tile. Check out these other patterns? HEXAGON, BASKET WEAVE, OCTOGON-AND-DOT, SUBWAY, LARGE-FORMAT RECTANGLE

If you love a clean, sophisticated look, white marble carrara tile will fit in perfectly with the aesthetic of your home.  Call DBCRI today if you would like to add white carrara marble tile to your favorite space!


Peter J. DiStefano

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Community tip: 

Jamestown is a community with a ton of great shops and businesses.  I had a difficult time choosing just one to highlight, so I have included a list for you:

Jamestown Community Chorus- While this amazing group of people performs only twice a year, these hardworking performers practice weekly all year. Because a member of the DiStefano Brothers family is a singer with the chorus, I have been to several concerts and can attest to their creativity and high level of skill.

Simpatico - This romantic restaurant is fantastic, both inside and out.  The building has undergone several renovations over the past few year, but the true gem of this restaurant is the gardens.  During the warmer months, you can eat outside amongst the charm of their grounds while people watching the passersby.

Jamestown Designs- There is not better place to buy charming and unique gifts and art.

Beavertail- There is no better view in Jamestown.  

2014: A Look in the Rearview Mirror by Peter DiStefano

The progression from one year to the next always makes us at DBCRI nostalgic.  As is tradition, we will take a look back at the year to remember the moments that made it great.

2014, here’s to you!  Thanks for the memories!

DBCRI Top Accomplishments from 2014:
(in no particular order)

BUILDING STAFF.  Our people are our greatest asset and treasure.  In 2014, DBCRI added 3 new staff members:  Kristin, Justin, and Tony.  Each person fills an important role within our organization and we could not function without them.  So proud to call these new team members family!

BUILDING SKILL.  With each year, we strive to get better and better at our craft.  This involves keeping up with current trends, processes, and products.  4 DBCRI staff members were trained in the sales and installation of large format tiles in September.  We were the first vendors in Rhode Island to learn this process.  We are proud that we went through this process and can offer this new option to our clients.  Similarly, several of our staff members are trained in Age in Place design, a design strategy that allows people to stay in their homes as their needs change with age. In January, I participate in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program at Babson College.  This program helped me step back and clarify my goals and the direction of DBCRI.  

BUILDING RECOGNITION.  Winning the Southern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce Chamber Choice Award:  Rookie of the Year in January was a highlight.  Receiving this recognition for the hard work that we do was so special. A night to remember!  (PS.  We are nominated for another award in 2015- visit the Southern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce website to vote!)

BUILDING PARTNERSHIPS.  We increase our capacity to meet our clients’ need when we form relationships with local businesses that complement what we do.  Partnering with Fresh Nest Color and Design, Experience Real Estate, Robyn Ivy Photography, Heather Webster Photography, and others has been an absolute joy.  Thank you to all of the people that support us so that we can serve our clients.

BUILDING CAPACITY.  Our new Main St. location.  Adding 2 new company vans to our fleet.  These investments help us increase our capacity for serving our clients and community.  We worked hard and were very fortunate in 2014.  Increasing our capacity to serve is part of our business strategy, in both the short term and the long term.  We promise to run our business with sustainability and growth in mind; we want to be around for a long long time!

We are looking forward to a happy and healthy 2015!  Thank you for being part of the DBCRI family.  We will see you next year!

As always, please keep in touch with DBCRI by ‘liking’ us on Facebook, following us on Houzz, or by regularly following this blog. 


Peter J. DiStefano


'Twas the Night Before Your Remodel by Peter DiStefano


Twas the night before your home remodel, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

The drop cloths were laid in the kitchen with care

In hopes that DiStefano Brothers Construction soon would be there.


The children were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of a new backsplash danced in their heads.

And with one last look around at your old home design,

You slowly retreat to your bedroom and think “This project is going to be fine”.


At the very same time, the DiStefano Brothers crew

Are busy in their workshop, they know exactly what to do.


The tools are polished and organized to perfection,

The DiStefano Brothers crew is top knotch and

Know exactly what tools make the ideal selection.

Your project is unique and one-of-a-kind,

They must be prepared and will always be on time.


Now the morning has come!  The crew will be at your house soon!

Your kids wake up and ask “Why can’t DiStefano Brothers put in a pool?”

When out in your driveway you hear a quiet hum,

It’s the DiStefano Brothers Construction truck, it has already come.


Now Brad! Now Marisa! Now Danny and Justin!

Now Bill! Now Russ! Now Greg, Tony, Keith, and Kristin!

All pile out of the truck, excited to start on your project bright and early,

This project will transform your space, that you can believe surely.


When you hire the DiStefano Brothers crew,

Your project is sure to be completed with care,

Whether it be to remodel your kitchen or your loo.


We are honored to be

Your choice of residential remodeling team.

So call DiStefano Brothers Construction today

Your next home remodeling project will be a dream.




From our family to yours, we hope that you have a safe and happy holiday season.  Wishing you the best in 2015!


Peter J. DiStefano

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Kitchen Creativity by Peter DiStefano

While DBCRI can do any type of general construction, we prefer to focus our efforts on kitchen and bathroom remodeling.  And, if we had to choose, our true favorite projects would involve kitchen renovations (shhh- don’t tell your bathroom!). 

The kitchen is the heart of your home- a sentiment that reverberates through each step of our kitchen projects.  The level of detail and precision required allows the DBCRI team to become intimately acquainted with our clients’ needs and priorities.  Each kitchen ends up being as unique as the family that designs it.   

Along with the uniqueness of client priorities, each client has a unique style from which the project details are inspired.  From rustic, using reclaimed wood from the many South County reclaimed wood vendors; to industrial, paying homage to the local Southern Rhode Island mill industry; to (of course) beach chic, using Matunuck, Narragansett, Jamestown, and Newport as inspiration.

We are not always the cheapest, but we are ALWAYS the most thorough and realistic bid you will get.  I pride myself on realistic project estimation.  It is my goal to start a project with all people involved, from our client to the DBCRI team, on the same page with expectations, time frame, budget, and outcomes.  We work in partnership with our clients, along with our vast number subcontractors and vendors. 

Your satisfaction is our only goal.


All the best,

Peter J. DiStefano


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Community Tip:  We are fortunate to have a plethora of quality local vendors for kitchen projects.  One of our favorites is Wickford Kitchen and Bath, located on Post Road in North Kingstown, Rhode Island.  WKB is a product showroom, offering you the opportunity to try out the most popular kitchen and bathroom building materials and stylistic details.  By visiting WKB, you can test out cabinet door latches, see the aesthetic of faucet details, and decide your most comfortable counter height.  Aside from being a kind and knowledgeable bunch of professionals, their products are priced fairly.  Visit Wickford Kitchen and Bath during your next construction project- tell them Pete from DBCRI sent you!